Group Headshots to Promote Your Business

Benefits of Group Headshots for Your Business

When you look at the images on your website, do you feel that those photos represent your business in its best light? Your corporate images are supposed to be a professional and current display of your team to potential clients. Do yours live up to modern standards? As a reliable and proven portrait and headshot photographer, I can create a consistent and unified set of group headshots to enhance your online presence.

When was the last time your workplace organised team headshots? If it’s been more than a few years, then you’ve probably had a change of personnel, and some of the staff are likely to have changed hairstyles too. If you’ve changed uniforms or your logo, it’s definitely time to update your image. This type of photo is a key marketing tool; it’s your way of advertising the people behind the product, so stay fresh and relevant with a current photo that displays you and your staff in a realistic, yet flattering way. 

Why You Need Group Headshots

High quality team headshots of your employees shows the people of the business as an enthusiastic group that are ready to service the needs of your clients. Having people recognise your team from the photos on your website is one of the best ways to connect with these customers. After seeing your staff online, they can identify them quickly and easily when they meet in person, which helps the relationship get off to a good start.

Your return on the investment of team headshots is multiplied every time you think of different ways to use it. Apart from displaying the photo on your website, you can include this image in social media profiles and printed media. Placing a photo of your staff on brochures provides a link between the people who supply the service through your business and the people who are looking to use your business. People Power is not just a marketing term, it’s a popular concept that generates foot traffic to your web page — and if you have a bricks & mortar business, it will help customers make the decision to walk through your door. 

Extra Ways to Use Your Headshots

Newsletters are another place to incorporate photos of yourself and your staff. Talk to your marketing team about sending newsletters (online or in physical form) featuring the image of your team. A regular newsletter detailing updates about your business builds a connection with customers. By making time to communicate directly with your clients, you show that you value them. 

Adding a photo of your team to your Twitter profile is an easy way to gain extra credibility for your business and your brand. Twitter boasts that 145 million people use their service on a daily basis. Your customers are amongst those statistics, so offer them a dynamic group photo to look at. This helps them to get to know you and the people who work in your business. Having professional team headshots taken shows you are prepared to invest in creating a good impression, and it suggests you probably provide a great service to back up it up!

Importance of Professional Headshots for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another area of social media that has become an essential part of business communication. It’s probably the most important social media platform you can use to promote and market your business. Displaying an impressive photo of your team on LinkedIn is the most likely way to capture people’s attention as they scroll through. Don’t even think about attempting to do it yourself; everyone can tell a professional image from a low budget attempt. A smartphone photo says you don’t care enough about your staff to hire a professional photographer to make them look their best in an image. It indicates you probably cut corners in other parts of your business as well. A group headshot from a professional photographer tells prospective clients that you value your business, its staff, and its clients too. When your clients recognise your team in a professional headshot on LinkedIn, they’re going to consider you to be more savvy than your competitors. Your most serious, business-minded customers are going to be searching through LinkedIn, so having an appealing group headshot of your staff is the best way to create a good impression and to generate interest in your company’s story. 

Studio Headshots & Location Shoots 

In my studio is located in downtown Durham with private parking. I often use plain backdrops so that all of the viewer’s attention is drawn to the group of people in the photograph. Using these backgrounds on-site at your business location is an option too. Location shooting is often preferred by employers as it has less impact on staff productivity. I can photograph up to 6 people an hour, so there is minimal disruption to the routine of the business.

Taking group headshots showing the office layout in the background is also effective. If your workplace has advertising signage or corporate logos on the walls, I may use that for the background of the shot to add context to the image. Office or store locations sometimes have background colors that match their existing marketing campaigns, so a group shot with that backdrop can reinforce the brand you have established. Regardless of the location however, I will use appropriate lighting and poses that represent you and your business in the best possible way.

The Benefits of Booking Me

My job is to take the absolute best images that make you and your team look professional, modern, and approachable. Much of the feedback I receive from clients is that I achieve this with efficiency, while making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. I will guide you with poses that show a unified team that is supportive and welcoming. Group headshots communicate the collective nature of the business they represent, but I also direct each person individually to help them express their personality.

So that you can see the results of these shots in real time, I have my camera tethered to a laptop. On the monitor each person can check and approve their shots before we finish the shoot. Seeing these images as we take the photographs gives trust in my work, and it helps you relax during the rest of the session. Choosing the best photos is done through the monitor on-site, or after the shoot I can also send each individual a proof gallery. I will be retouching the images to ensure you receive photos that are polished, but still natural. This editing service is included in the group headshots pricing packages.

Depending on the size of your business, half-day and full-day packages are available. And when you call me to discuss the details of the shoot, I can work out quotes for both small and large groups within the same day of the inquiry. My rates always include digital proofs, final edits, print release (so you can use the images in whatever way you want), equipment setup, and my travel expenses. With all of this in mind, you may imagine that having team headshots is expensive, but my group headshots pricing structure is surprisingly affordable.

Put Your Staff Forward

A group headshot promoting the people who are the backbone of your business helps you rise above your competition. It gives potential customers comfort by knowing that local people work for your company and that they represent the ideals of your business. A stunning image of your staff taken by a professional photographer suggests that you understand the value of a quality product, and by association it represents the idea that you offer a premium service too. 

Customers are more likely to place their trust in someone they’ve met before, even if it’s only through the image they’ve seen online. Building relationships with future customers is achieved by creating a genuine connection in the first place. And the best way to establish a connection with another person is to show your team as a collection of individuals with personalities and a desire to be of service. This is the aim of having a group headshot of key team members, and it’s what I will produce for you with skill and professionalism.

The Internet is swamped with photos of businesses and their staff, but most of them are amateurish attempts at self-promotion. Stand out in the world of marketing and social media by having a professional image that shows commitment to your brand. Contact me today to book a time to produce a photo that you and your staff will proudly display as a representation of your business.