FAQs About Professional Photography Sessions

Do you have parking?

The studio is located in downtown Durham, located at 105 Hood Street, where I have private on-site parking directly in front of my studio.
A professional headshot immediately puts your best face forward. Headshots make great additions to a company website or business card, important for social media, LinkIn, personal branding and your website.  Just about every type of professional, actor, artist, and musician benefits from having one, and no two looks are the same.
Its always best to avoid bold patterns and choose something  simple.  Solid colors work great, especially ones that work for your skin tone. Wear something you enjoy! Keep jewelry and accessories simple.
I want you to look like yourself.
A typical standard headshot session takes 20-25 minutes.  I aim to capture the most authentic smiles and to make you feel at ease.
If you normally wear glasses, please bring them!  We can decide to use them or not, but its best to have them as an option.
All images are shot in hi-res with professional cameras and professional lenses to make sure the highest standard is achieved.  Clients will receive hi-res images as part of their package.  I am always happy to adjust the sizes and compressions based on specific criteria for IMDb, MLS, LinkedIn, passports, websites, etc.  Just ask!
Your proof gallery is delivered within 24hours.  The final images selected from the proof gallery typically take 3-5 business days, and will be presented in an online gallery for easy download, sharing, and printing.

I love getting to know my clients and allowing them to enjoy the session, which for most, having their picture taken is not something many ‘love’ having done.  When I have the opportunity to change that, most of my clients walk-away feeling surprised about how much they enjoyed it, and that makes me very happy.  I love getting the opportunity to change the mindset and provide a service that is enjoyable.  It’s an investment your making, and I want you to enjoy everything about the session, along with the photography.  

I invest an immense amount of time creating a product for each of my clients that represents my best work, always.  Proofs are an unfinished product that requires my skill to edit and retouch which is all a part of what makes professional photography come together, and as such, I do not offer proofs.

I work with some really talents artists and stylists that know my style of work and photography, and we always work as a team to give the client the best.
During your headshot session, we will go over some of the images to make sure you love the shots, if you don’t, we’ll take more.  After the session, I will email you a link to your proof gallery, and from there, you’ll make your picks.
Sometimes it is possible.  Best course of action is to call or fill out the contact form (I get back quickly). Typically, I book shoots 24 hours or more in advance to allow adequate time to prepare for your headshot.
It’s totally up to you. Our hair and makeup artists specialize in headshot photography and makeup.  Many clients also choose to do their own make-up and they can do so before they arrive, or at the studio with our lighted make-up mirror.
We can do both!
You betcha!  Part of what makes a great headshot photographer is the in-the-moment capture.  Whether you’re an artist, model, actor, business pro, most of us need coaching.   I am here to help and make sure your session is relaxing and worry free.
All final images selected will be retouched and will vary based on your preferences.  I use different workflows to depending on each clients needs.    Under-eye circles, blemishes, teeth stains, hair fly-aways, eye redness, etc. are all retouched along with a multitude of other edits all done in a very natural way.

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