Top 7 reasons Why Business Headshots Are Important

Are Your Business Headshots Up to Your Standards?

Not sure if you should have a professional headshot taken? Type your name into Google and look at the images that appear. When you apply for a new job, this is what your potential employers will do. Or, if you have your own business, when your customers want to know more about your company, they’ll type in the details, and photos of the organization will pop up. Are the images chosen by Google the ones you want these people to see? Maybe it’s time to display business headshots instead. But don’t waste your time trying to do it yourself. A quality image is characterized by good lighting, a neutral background, and the right pose — and to achieve this winning combination you need specialized equipment and a healthy dose of experience. I can help you bring all of these factors together for an image you’ll be proud to display on your website — and it’ll be so good that your mother will probably want a print of it too! 

Seven Important Reasons for Business Headshots

1. The Public’s Perception of Your Business

Your online image is the public’s first introduction to you and the business you represent. Are the photos on your website and the ones on LinkedIn an appropriate image of you as a professional? Do they fit your brand?

Your profile picture should be a reflection of the professional image you want to portray to the community. Visual content is highly important in establishing your online identity. Having a distinct personal brand sets you apart from your competition, and a business headshot sends the signal to potential customers that you are serious about providing a professional attitude and an excellent level of service.

Don’t sell yourself short by using a poor image of yourself. Upgrade your profile image with an impact-making headshot, and the public’s perception of your business will be given a lift as well. 

2. Up-to-Date Online Presence

Potential customers research businesses before they make contact. They like to see who they are dealing with before they call. A corporate-style photograph of you shows a professional attitude and demonstrates a commitment to your role as the face of the business. It also shows that a real person is in charge, not an impersonal system.

Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram are just some of the social media sites where a headshot is needed because they should all be linked to your business in some way. Business headshots must also be placed on the ‘About’ page of your website and displayed next to the profiles of employees. To cover all of these online platforms means having a variety of headshots featuring consistency in style and branding. Get your online presence up-to-date with a modern set of images that work together as a unit.

3. Headshots are Great for Printed Media

Professional headshots are not just for online platforms though; with complete control over your final digital image, you can extend the value of this investment into printed media such as flyers, business cards, and the annual report.

You can have the photos printed in color, or black & white. Even though this type of photograph is called a ‘headshot’, I think of it as a business portrait, so you’ll probably end up sharing these images with family. They can also be used to add variety to the collection of profile pictures on your personal social media accounts. 

4. Headshots Make You More Relatable to Potential Clients

When you display a professional headshot, potential clients who don’t know you personally are more likely to agree to a meeting if they can get an idea of who they may be dealing with. Use this to your advantage by requesting a specific style of headshot to match your career. My photography gives people an idea of your personality from the photo. A bright image featuring a smile portrays friendliness and approachability. A serious look with some shadows suggests determination.

I can help you match your expression with the personality traits you prefer to emphasize. And when clients see you online and then meet you in person, they’ve already had two points of contact, which means that on an inner level they’ve established a relationship with you even before you start a discussion. Before they walk in the door they know they’ll be dealing with a familiar face, which relaxes them and makes transactions more likely to eventuate.

Seeing an image of the representative of a company generates trust in customers and provides them with a level of insight into the type of person employed by the business. It also provides a subjective impression of the nature of your operations. Headshots are a business tool revealing your professional side, but they also communicate your personality through the image, which makes the photo even more relatable to the viewer.

5. Maintain Trust, Consistency, and Relevance

When was the last time you had a corporate headshot? If it’s been more than a few years, or if you have a completely new hairstyle, update your headshots and profile image now!

Having people recognize you from the headshot on your website is one of the main ways to connect with a client. Maintain trust, consistency, and relevance through an updated professional headshot. Promoting authenticity is the reason why it’s important to have a headshot taken by a professional. Even though you may appear older than your previous shots, your new photo will show you at your finest at this point in time.

Anyway, a headshot is not really for you; it’s for your prospective clients. It’s about what they want to see, which is someone they can relate to when they meet you.

6. Personalize Your Company with Team Headshots

If you are in charge of a large business you’ll be aware of the recent trend to personalize companies. High-quality headshots of employees help to humanize the business. These images reinforce the idea of the company’s commitment to its staff and they link the nature of the business back to the people who are providing the service. A friendly face on the computer screen generates empathy with the client and provides some level of human interaction, whereas a website that doesn’t show its employees is formless and uninviting. It may even appear sterile and bland.

The only thing worse than having no photos at all is to have poor-quality pictures of the staff. Bad lighting combined with a wary expression on a staff member signals cheap production values and a lack of care. The Internet is a crowded marketplace, so you have to use as many tools as you can to stand out from your competitors. Organizing classy, corporate headshots for your key staff members is an easy way to help your clients see the human side of your company.

7. Tell Your Company’s Story with Professional Headshots

Even though it’s just one photo, your headshot tells a story about you, so I make it a compelling image that describes who you are and what qualities you bring to your role in the business. Collective headshots of all the staff tell the story of your company.

If the brand of your business highlights diversity, I can create photos of your staff that will illustrate this, so you don’t have to describe it in your mission statement. And if your tech startup business wants to emphasize its relevance to youth, then I’ll take photographs to convey the impression of trendiness at a glance. I use a variety of backgrounds to generate different atmospheres within the headshots. The most common backdrops are white, grey, and black, but outdoor settings are also possible. I can also take photos on-site at your business location in order to make it easier for your team to be photographed on the same day.

Apart from the convenience of having all of your staff together in one place, taking corporate headshots showing some of the office layouts in the background infuses the image with credibility and provides some clues as to the nature of the business. For businesses such as construction and environmental management, it’s important to show the surrounding conditions, so I can take those headshots outdoors, featuring the workplace in the background. It all depends on the message that you or your marketing team is trying to express to the public. Regardless of the location, however, I will put together appropriate lighting and choose relevant backgrounds that will represent you and your brand in the best possible way.

When photographing you or your team, I keep in mind that while a series of headshots establishes the nature of the people who run the company, it also conveys the type of market you are after. First impressions are powerful indicators of who you are as an individual. In modern times your online image is a person’s first contact with you and your brand. Use my quality business headshots to indicate that you are a professional leader in the business world, and a trusted representative of the company you work for. 

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