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LinkedIn Headshots – Why its so important

Recently I suggested to a client that they get their LinkedIn headshot updated because it hadn’t been done in several years. “Why? I’m happy where I’m at, and I’m not too keen about looking for a new job anytime soon,” they told me. I realized then that not enough people realize the importance of LinkedIn […]

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How to Always Look Fabulous in Photos

As a professional photographer that services the Raleigh – Durham and Chapel Hill, NC areas, it’s my job to make sure my clients look their best at all times. I will pick the best lighting, poses, angles, etc. to really make sure you stand out and help you look fabulous in photos too! But if […]

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Why you need senior portraits even if you have 999,999 selfies

If it’s your senior year, you may be wondering why your parents keep bringing up this “senior portrait” idea when your Instagram feed is full of classy selfies. You may have even mastered your selfie game with a ring stand and carefully selected lighting. Regardless, there are several reasons why you actually need proper photos taken by […]

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Group Headshots to Promote Your Business

Benefits of Group Headshots for Your Business When you look at the images on your website, do you feel that those photos represent your business in its best light? Your corporate images are supposed to be a professional and current display of your team to potential clients. Do yours live up to modern standards? As […]

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How to Start Your Modeling Portfolio

While it may all seem super confusing initially – creating a modeling portfolio isn’t as daunting a task as it seems. I come up with everything you need to know about building a modeling portfolio for all you newbies. We have also included what we should expect from a model photographer too. Why Create a […]

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Getting the Perfect Actor Headshot

Importance of Professional Actor Headshots If you want an acting gig, you need a casting agent. If you want a casting agent, you need headshots. If you want headshots that are going to show your true personality as well as your acting range, you need to see a professional headshot photographer. What Type of Acting […]