The Top Reasons Every Woman Deserves a Boudoir Session

Boudoir Session

When I first started doing wedding photography, I also started receiving requests to shoot boudoir sessions (either before a wedding, or really just because, or so I thought…), I am constantly learning, and gaining an honest insight by how many reasons there are to consider doing a shoot.

Some women are completely on board when it comes to scheduling a boudoir session, but others may need to understand why a boudoir session can truly be self-affirming and celebratory for them before they’ll take the plunge. 

I’ve known clients who scheduled a session because they wanted to give their sweetheart a special gift for just their eyes and their eyes only. I know others that wanted to celebrate a specific milestone, such as turning 50 or after they got to their goal weight. Still others see boudoir sessions as an act of reclaiming and feeling beautiful within their own skin, wherever they happen to be in their lives.

If you’ve been on the fence on whether to schedule a session, consider the following reasons why you—yes, you—deserve one TODAY. 

Boudoir Photography is something truly for yourself

Boudoir Session Chapel Hill NC

With the burdens of daily life, it can be hard to think about doing something truly for yourself. It can feel like another thing to add to your plate that will need to be juggled with all of the other things, but think about how much better you feel and how much easier it is for you to be present and happy when you do things for yourself?

A boudoir session can be just that. Your time to look and feel beautiful. Your time to not be a mom, a girlfriend/wife, but a woman. A very beautiful woman who’s embracing and honoring herself. 

You’ll be pampered

Most women prior to a boudoir session will also get their make-up, hair, and nails done. It’s up to you whether you choose to do this, but even having the time to put make-up on yourself and do your own hair can seem like a cherished gift. It’s likely not often that you can really get dressed up, and this is that time for you.

Go all out if you can! Get a manicure and pedicure. Hire a makeup artist or schedule a makeover at your local makeup/beauty store, or just ask me and I can provide some really great locals I know and work with frequently. They will come to the studio and do your pampering on-site. We’ve got you covered, either way.

Believe me, making the boudoir session all about getting pampered and looking beautiful will make the session all the more enjoyable for you. 

You get the opportunity to see yourself in a new way.

If you’ve been mired in life for a while, you may have forgotten what it was like to look and feel your best. This happens to a lot of us when life gets busy, we and our needs and desires take a back burner, and I bet always looking cute took a backseat sometime ago. 

Some of you may spend most of your days covered in baby spittle or other kid gunk, as a dad I can certainly relate to raising kids, the love, the tears, all those little things you never get credit for, and just how quickly time seems to slip away.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been or if you can’t imagine yourself as beautiful anymore because you’re no longer ______. What matters is that you embrace yourself where you are. Having a boudoir session can help you see your current beauty. Here and now. After wifing and momming. After a double mastectomy or surviving that harrowing surgery/treatment. Take a pause for yourself and see yourself as the ones who love you do: as strong and amazing!

You can take a safe (but still daring) risk.

Boudoir Photography Durham NC
Boudoir Session at Daniel Turbert Photography

Not everyone is brave enough to bare themselves in lingerie to their partner, let alone a photographer who’s going to have evidence that you did it. A boudoir shoot is your opportunity to step a little (or a lot) outside of your comfort zone, and your photographer will be able to support you as you do. 

You can make the perfect gift for yourself and/or someone special.

Many women take boudoir photos with a special person in mind. Many brides schedule a boudoir session prior to their wedding, so they can give the printed album to their groom as a wedding present. 

But plenty of women who aren’t about to get married schedule boudoir sessions as well. They might want to bring the spark back or give their partner something special just because. 

But your relationship status shouldn’t stand in the way of scheduling a boudoir shoot. Many women see it as an act of reclaiming themselves, of loving themselves utterly. That can—andshould—happen at any time.

You can have fun!

This should go without saying now that you’ve read all of the other reasons, but a boudoir shoot should be and IS extremely fun. At what other time in your life are you going to be wearing your lacy or see-through unmentionables in front of someone who’s letting you let it all out and be your sexiest? 

I may be biased, but I think every woman should do a boudoir shoot at some time in their life. It’s never too late. You may wish you were 20 pounds lighter or 20 years younger, but taking a moment to celebrate and honor the body that’s supported you however long is a valuable and special thing. 

And if you’re ever in the Chapel Hill, Durham, NC area, I hope you consider hiring me to be your boudoir photographer. 

Daniel Turbert is a philanthropist, president of a non-profit, and published photographer who runs a commercial photography studio near Chapel Hill, NC for headshots and fine art portraits.