Actor Headshots

One of the acting industry’s most important marketing materials is the professional headshot. A professional headshot can supply you with a range of high resolution photos that express your comfort and confidence in front of the camera. Even if you have a limited resume, if it’s attached to a professional headshot you have a better chance of an audition than an actor with a strong list of credits attached to an amateur snapshot!

Actor Headshot at Daniel Turbert Photography

Taking the image is just one step in the process of obtaining a professional headshot.  We will coach you through the entire session and put you at ease.  Everything from the technical details, lighting and composition, to your poses and expressions, to the art of finalizing an image during the post-edit process, we are confident you will love your unique and thoughtfully created headshot.


Every actor headshot session is put together thoughtfully to make sure we represent you

We can also have your images edited, and 8x10s printed and ready for pickup same day, in time for your auditions, when you book the Print Package

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