The Lady Project

Uganda is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. I had the pleasure to visit back in 2019 where I taught photography classes to a local children’s group. I had just return home from a project in Medellín, Colombia, and was ready to settle in until I got news of some really good work being done in Uganda that I thought would fit the direction of our non-profit aimed at local, grassroots photojournalism. My friend and local Kampala resident, Dash, suggested I check out a project he started called The Lady Project just outside of Kampala.

Clothing project Uganda

Many of the women I met were effected by HIV, either having been directly affected themselves or their children carrying the virus. They were mostly older and struggling to find ways of supporting not just themselves but multiple generations of their family as well. My friend had started a program to help empower them to make a living by sewing beautiful garments with an authentic East African influence. I thought there’s surely a way I can help so, we went about having clothes made and shipped over to North Carolina!

Stunning clothes and fabrics

Since the arrival of clothing, we have begun using my commercial photography studio here in Chapel Hill to photograph sessions with local models showcasing the clothing made by the project. We are hoping to feature a fashion show fundraiser this fall and would love your support! We are looking for volunteers and anyone who can offer their professional skills from fundraising to marketing to hair and makeup professionals to runway models! Stay tuned for more information.

You can also see some of the clothes we have on display at the studio, and feel free to try them on, I might just photograph you!

Daniel Turbert is a philanthropist, president of a non-profit, and published photographer who runs a commercial photography studio near Chapel Hill, NC for headshots and fine art portraits.